Hempel Youth Sailing World Championships Opening Ceremony

The Port of Gdynia of Poland had the ambiance of a sun-kissed beach party as 409 sailors across 600 nations gathered around for the inauguration of Hempel Youth Sailing World Championships. The event was hosted by the Polish city for the first time since the year 2004. There was a party atmosphere around the beach as the participant sailors paraded from the village of the event to the opening ceremony location with the beat of the drums.

Each nation has a flask of water along with them according to the tradition at the Hempel Youth Worlds which is celebrating its 49th edition this year. As a symbol to represent unity, team spirit, and sportsmanship, the sailors bring a flask of water from their homelands for the mixing of the waters ceremony held on the opening day which brings all the waters around the world together. Continue reading “Hempel Youth Sailing World Championships Opening Ceremony”

Different Field at the 2019 Cup of Butler

A diverse and global blend of captains met off the Pier Belmont for the primary evening of Long Beach Yacht Club’s twofold round-robin Butler Cup coordinate dashing occasion.

Of the eight captains cruising Catalina 37 clones, two are ladies, two are not mature enough to enjoy a lager with their team in the wake of cruising, one is a Congressional and Ficker veteran Cup whose investment made it a global occasion, and another helmed a boatload of first-class youngsters.
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New World Record Set By François Gabart In The Single-Handed Category

François Gabart, a year 35-year-old Frenchman and one of the best-singlehanded sailors in the world makes a new world record in the single-handed category, by sailing his trimaran Macif skilfully from the Lizard Point in England till Oussant, France on December 17 after a time frame of complete  42 days at sea.

Gabart’s victorious life started from a very young age of 14 bagging several titles in his life like French nationals; French national champion; Tornado Junior World Champion, the Solitaire du Figaro and many other which elevated him to a celebrity position. His accomplishments were noticed by one of the most competitively determined offshore French sailors “big boys” which consisted of Michel Desjoyeaux, two-time Vendee Globe winner. Gabart is identified to be competitive, committed and hardworking. He sailed with Desjoueaux on his IMOCA 60s learning how to manage himself for a non-stop round-the-world Vendee Globe race. He was also introduced to sailing sponsorship by Desjoueaux and his charming looks and determination gained him a partnership with insurance giant Macif in 2010. He broke Desjoueaux’s record by sailing back to France in 78 days and 2 hours. Gabart foresaw the challenges like weather, breakage of boats and skipper. VPLP designed trimaran which is 100ft in length for him to set the new record.
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City Partners With RCYC In Winning Formula For Sailing

The Royal Cape Yacht Club (RCYC) acknowledges the support and contribution of the City of Cape Town to the sailing sport and the local yachting industry.

For the past three years, the City has joined hands and working in partnership with RCYC to deliver the Lipton Challenge Cup (EST 1909); this is the premier inter-club offshore sailing event for as southern Africa.
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For Ireland Inter-Club Sailing Competition Held

Sergio Ramos Real Madrid reaffirmed the loyalty to the club after the Spanish player broke his nose also wrote that he will bleed thousands times for this badge and shirt and thanking to all for their support and will be back in no time.

In the sporting world of athletes there are many examples that have put their physical health on the line in competition, whether it is for club, country, and province. The representative honors resulted in outstanding on-field performance and loyalty to the jersey inspire above average performance levels and team togetherness as physical danger is not present in any sports.

In clubs, Sailing is called as a sport structured game as it is a fundamental aspect and sailing is not different from other sports.

In clubs also sailing introduction and all its access and storage for equipment is given for race organization and social occasions for members.

The question arises that why there is no sailing club competition that seeks to combine with competitive and representative urges? It exists in sailing clubs also as there are Interclub competitions like snooker, quizzes and even cookery after competition there are several prizes which is kept for club entries and these are largely individual entries which are grouped by the home club. Team Racing partially fills the void and this does not represent the mainstream activities in club sailing.

Some parameters are suggested and recommended for the event for a new national club event like designing of fleet racing keelboats accommodate 5 people and no individual entries are allowed team is to be selected by clubs and selection process

Of all the members is open and transparent. The established event of developing an exciting and inclusive event becomes feasible by possible outcomes like regional qualifying, club qualifying.

Golden Globe Race 2018

The Golden Globe Race 2018 will be voyaged under the auspices of Royal Nomuka Yacht Club in Kingdom of Tonga. Crown Prince Tupoutoa Ulukalala, His Royal Highness, has given his consent to become Patron of the Race. The Golden Globe Race conference in London was also attended by the Tongan High Commissioner in London Sione Sonata Topou.

Don McIntyre, the founder of the race, has very close links with these Pacific islands. In the year 2012, this Aussie adventurer led a four-man re-enactment of Mutiny of the Bounty sail from Tonga to the West Timor, in a same type of yacht.

Royal Nomuka Yacht Club is the youngest Royal club in the world, founded on 22nd October, this year as part of a collaborative enterprise between His Royal Highness The Crown Prince and Don McIntyre to made a sailing base, that can also be a great adventure centre, on this otherwise desolated island of Nomuka to encourage the youth of Tonga to take up sailing as a sport as well as cultural activity.

HRH the Crown Prince Tupoutoa Ulukalala said that for Nomuka and Tonga to be involved with the Golden Globe Race is exciting. Tonga was once a great sailing nation. He wish all entrants safe sailing and extend an open invitation to visit this beautiful Islands as well as the Royal Nomuka Yacht Club.

Falmouth has been confirmed as the start line and the finish line for the Golden Globe Race 2018, where Sir Robin Knox-Johnston started and finished his historic voyage back in 1968-1969.