Australia Wins Silver In Rio

With several eyes on Australia and New Zealand who are known for their sailing prowess, Australian teams have acquired silver in the 49er and 470 classes. You might not help but wonder whether it has something to do with the common historic link with Britain and common sea bound geographies that have made these countries have a continued focus on sailing as a recreational as well as sport.

Many say that family tradition goes much into developing the winners and sportsmen of these countries. For instance, Mathew Belcher, one of the participants found the win to be reality to a hope that he had built for years. His two young children, Amelie and Anton Belcher were there too with their father who won silver in the country in the 470 category.

This medal came in soon after a second medal in the same category was added to the 49er class that the country teams competed in. This race was fought by Iain Jensen and Nathan Outteridge. They were in the waters off the Marina Da Gloria harbor as they finished in the second position with a cumulative win over the last two weeks of races.

Belcher was alongside with Will Ryan and they claimed their medals together. When they saw their families again, it summed up a sacrifice that they had made for a long time in order to win at the historic races at the Games. It was a long time since their last break – ad even then they had been doing a Zadar Bareboat Yacht Charter. Belcher stated that he has not seen his kids about eight and a half months. Belcher stated that this kind of commitment that he and his partner put up has shown in the results. Most sailing teams from the country agree that it is family commitment and the way families stand by you in such times that great achievements are possible.